A Step-by-Step Guide
to Tidy Kitchen and Bathroom Drawers

Have you ever opened your kitchen or bathroom drawers only to struggle finding what you need? Discover a handy guide to maintain these spaces consistently tidy, organized, and readily accessible.

Have you ever opened your kitchen or bathroom drawers only to struggle finding what you need? Discover a handy guide to maintain these spaces consistently tidy, organized, and readily accessible.


Organizing Your Kitchen Drawers Like a Pro

Streamline your cooking experience by avoiding the frustrating search for utensils buried in cluttered kitchen drawers. Take charge of your organization with these simple yet effective tips to keep your kitchen drawers tidy and functional.


1.Drawer Decluttering

Embrace a fresh start by embarking on a delightful decluttering journey. Tidying up means not only reorganizing cutlery, accessories, and pans, but also creating space by parting ways with unnecessary items. Begin by emptying your  kitchen drawers, bidding farewell to worn-out tools no longer in use. 




2.Using kitchen drawer dividers 

Maintaining order in kitchen drawers without the use of drawer dividers seems almost impossible when you have an assortment of forks, knives, spoons, ladles, caps, and kitchen whisks to organize.

Belnet 472, Cuibus, and Bachett by Furnital are innovative kitchen drawer organizers designed to provide efficient space division both vertically and horizontally. With a variety of accessories, these organizers offer modular solutions that ensure flexibility and effortless reorganization of both space and kitchen utensils.

No need to fret about dimensions and materials when it comes to these dividers, as they effortlessly accommodate any drawer size and style. Available in a wide array of materials ranging from timeless classics to contemporary choices, these dividers seamlessly blend with any aesthetic preference.




3.Using kitchen drawer organizers for large utensils

Taming the chaos of a pot drawer can be quite a challenge, with pans and lids taking up space in all directions. Thankfully, Furnital dividers such as BelNet and Cuibus come to the rescue. These smart dividers internally segregate your kitchen drawers, creating separate sections for larger items like pots and pans, while neatly keeping smaller objects like coffee pots and lids in their own designated spots.

With their adjustable design, these dividers seamlessly fit into drawers of various depths, ensuring everything remains within sight and easily accessible during your meal preparations. No more frustrating moments of lids and accessories sliding around every time you open or close a drawer. Keep everything in place and enjoy a hassle-free cooking experience.



Effective Organization Hacks for Bathroom Drawers

When it comes to bathroom organization, the drawers in the washbasin cabinet can vary in depth, yet one thing remains consistent: the tendency for towels, makeup, cleaning supplies, and hygiene products to cause clutter and confusion. Discover below four straightforward steps that will not only help you declutter this space but also ensure its long-lasting organization:


1.Drawer Decluttering

Let’s kickstart the process here by embarking on a thorough decluttering session. Let’s bravely open all the drawers and cabinet doors, bidding farewell to expired products and items that no longer serve a purpose in our lives.


2.Dividing the available space

If given the opportunity, dividing the drawers based on their functions is an ideal approach. While not everyone may have ample bathroom space, those who do often struggle with effective organization. To address this, organizing the space based on product size and frequency of use is key. Prioritizing daily-use items in the higher, easily accessible drawers, and reserving the lower, less convenient ones for less frequently used items is a practical method.


3.Using small and deep drawer organizers

We use specially designed drawer organizers from the Belnet and Cuibus collections by Furnital. These organizers are custom-made, offering compartments to neatly store and categorize various makeup items, replacing traditional washbags. Additionally, they efficiently accommodate hygiene products such as makeup removers, deodorants, and medicines. With the help of drawer dividers, smaller items can be neatly separated from bulkier ones, resulting in visually pleasing and highly functional washbasin unit drawers. This ensures that everything remains visible and easily accessible, eliminating the risk of misplacing items.


4.Use containers and baskets

Consider employing tall dividers and baskets for larger accessories and towels. These accessories will remain secure in their designated spots. Another helpful suggestion is to roll up towels vertically instead of stacking them, allowing for easier organization and access while optimizing space.