Furnital’s aluminum storage solutions for 2023

"Furnital's 2023 catalog introduces some new additions, including aluminum drawers for wardrobes, as well as aluminum drawers and shelves designed for the kitchen. You'll also find an innovative new hinge and a stylish door option among the latest offerings.

At the Italian SICAM 2023 fair in Pordenone, known as the international exhibition of components, accessories, and semi-finished products for the furniture Industry, Furnital showcased its latest innovations. These include aluminum drawers and shelves tailored for both bedroom and kitchen spaces, along with a new hinge and door.

Let’s have a closer look at them.


1. Aluminum drawers for the wardrobe

The latest aluminum drawers from Furnital, designed for wardrobes, boast compatibility with leading market guides such as Blum, Grass, and Hettich. Available in three heights, they cater to various organizational needs – the lower height is perfect for arranging underwear or jewelry, the medium height suits T-shirts and shirts, while the taller option is ideal for knitwear and bulkier accessories.

The heights of the aluminum drawers are: 84, 140 and 172 mm.

Spoilt for choice in finishes, you can opt for the one that aligns perfectly with your taste, creating a seamless and unified look with your wardrobe.

  • A drawer featuring four aluminum sides, offered in heights of 84, 140, and 172 mm.
  • A versatile drawer with a front panel crafted from glass, wood, ceramic, or any other 6 mm thick material, complemented by three aluminum sides. Available in heights of 140 and 172 mm.
  • An aluminum drawer-tray designed for wardrobes with optional accessories such as a trouser hanger and a laundry bag holder.

Last but not least, you can order a wardrobe drawer with fully customized dimensions or choose a standard depth with a personalized width.



2. Aluminum drawers for the kitchen

The latest aluminum drawers from Furnital, tailored for kitchen use, come in three distinct heights (84, 140, and 172 mm). The smaller size is perfect, for instance, for organizing cutlery, the medium size for textiles, and the larger one is well-suited for accommodating larger items like pots, bottles, and small appliances. Similarly, these drawers offer the flexibility of standard depths with customized widths or entirely bespoke dimensions, providing a tailored solution for your kitchen storage needs.

Now, let’s talk about the finishes: the aluminum drawers designed for the kitchen can be customized to complement elements like the kitchen top or wall unit doors seamlessly. The available options include:

  • Four sides in aluminum (offered for heights of 84, 140, and 172 mm).
  • Front panels made of glass, wood, ceramic, or any other 6 mm thick material with three aluminum sides (available for heights of 140 and 172 mm).

Additionally, Furnital’s aluminum drawers offer the option to be equipped with a plate holder and the complete range of internal modular dividers. This allows for easy customization, ensuring your kitchen drawers remain neat and organized according to your preferences.



3. Aluminum shelves for the kitchen

One of Furnital’s recent catalog innovations is the introduction of aluminum shelves for the kitchen. These shelves come in a diverse range of sizes, offering options for standard depth with customized width or entirely bespoke dimensions.

Would you like to create a brighter ambiance in the kitchen and add a touch of sophistication? No problem, as you have the option of incorporating a front LED or two into the aluminum shelf, positioned on both the front and back.

Finally, consider the versatile functionality of these shelves, they can double as wine racks and glass holders. When removed, they effortlessly transform into a compact corner and bar area, ideal for savoring a glass of wine with friends.



4. Pixel door

The innovative Pixel door comprises a primary frame seamlessly connected at a 45-degree angle, featuring concealed fixing screws both externally and internally. Enhanced with diverse profiles, it offers the flexibility to create various aesthetic scenarios. Whether paired with a conventional handle or a cutting-edge design spanning the entire height of the door, the possibilities for customization are endless.


5. Pixel hinge

To conclude, Pixel is the last innovation showcased at the SICAM fair: a pin hinge featuring a 180-degree rotation, that combines the controlled deceleration of a standard hinge with the added functionality of a door lock upon opening to 180 degrees.


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