Aluminum profiles for glass doors: glix

Practical and elegant, the aluminum profiles for glass hinged doors is an ideal choice for ultra-minimal wardrobes and bookcases.

When assessing the quality and degree of success of a design project or product, we all agree in the following statement ‘details make all the difference’.

Some materials require more care than others: glass is one example. Transparent and delicate, it is generally used for products that feature a high degree of elegance.

Glass products’ fine details jump out at you immediately, but unfortunately even the ones that clash do. In wardrobes and bookcases, in particular, doors, shelves, handles, but also more technical details such as hinges and sliding systems, must be given the same attention so as not to incur the unpleasant ‘everything is very nice, but…’.

So, for a noteworthy result, details – including technical ones – are needed.

Glix, a hinge system for hinged glass doors installed on doors up to 2650 mm high and 600 mm wide, with a minimum thickness of 4 mm, comes to our aid.

Not only glass: Glix is in fact available in another version to be installed on wooden doors as well, with a thickness ranging from 16 to 25 mm to guarantee – in both applications – an aesthetically pleasing and distinguishable result.

Most commonly used as a door-opening system for wardrobes but also for bookcases or shelving units, Glix hinges ensure an easy, smooth, quiet and decelerated opening and closing movement, making the system a practical and ideal solution for living and sleeping areas.

Glix is a highly functional product, but in addition to this, it boasts a revolutionary feature: once installed, it is almost invisible. Transparent and ultra-minimal, it goes without saying that glass door systems demand the utmost attention to the smallest details, even more so than wardrobes and bookcases with wooden doors.

Furnital’s glass door hinge system guarantees a functionally practical and flawless result: wardrobes, bookcases and shelving units will look minimal and perfectly linear even in their most technical details.


The Glix Glass Door kit consists of:



Quick installation guide for Glix Glass Door profiles:

  1. Attach the corner joints to the top and bottom aluminium profiles.
  2. Insert the glass of the sash into the vertical profiles for hinges and into the handle profile.
  3. Insert and assemble the top and bottom profile in the vertical profiles.
  4. Set up the pivoting hinges on the hinge profile using a pin.
  5. Set up the glass door on the side of the wardrobe.
  6. Fix the door on the wardrobe side and use the adjustments of the hinge to find the exact position of the door.