How to equip a kitchen top

How to equip a kitchen top to have extra storage space and offer a modern take on the traditional dish drainer.

Open closets and glass closets

Open closets or fully transparent wardrobes with an aluminum frame and glass doors are becoming increasingly popular due to their desirable features.

The benefits of a sliding door wardrobe

The Furnital sliding door system allows you to open and close wardrobes smoothly and quietly: it has been designed for the wardrobe of our dreams, in every size.

A practical guide to a walk-in closet

Extra large spaces are not really necessary in order to make a walk-in closet: instead, what is crucial is to make the most of the space available and optimize it.

Understanding what the minimum spaces are, the different types of layouts, how to organize the spaces at best and determine what cannot miss inside it, will ensure that you have a perfect, well-organized and above all functional walk-in closet.

How to organize your kitchen accessories

Organizing your kitchen in such a way that it is always tidy and functional during the preparation of meals may seem difficult or even utopian, but the truth is that all you need to do is follow some simple but basic rules, which in their simplicity upset the traditional distribution and organization of kitchen space.

This is a guide that will make you achieve a specific goal: a perfectly organized kitchen where all utensils and accessories are always tidy and ready to use:

How to organize your wardrobe

How can we organize a closet in such a way that it is both functional and practical but also pleasing to the eye?
Organization, order and beauty, in addition to giving us a feeling of well-being, will help us waste less time in the morning when, impaled in front of the closet doors, we never know what to wear.

A guide to the few but basic steps for an organized wardrobe in its entirety: