A flexible and practical modular system that allows you to better organize storage space in the kitchen in such a way that all cooking tools and kitchen accessories are visible and accessible while making the best use of available space: these drawer inserts are the best way to organize kitchen drawers and kitchen worktops.






BelNet aims at organizing storage spaces in the kitchen and kitchen accessories in the best possible way with a simple, linear design and a wide range of finishes, always keeping a great attention to practicality: what makes BelNet innovative and pragmatic is the attention paid to the use of innovative materials.

The main component is compact laminate, the result of an extensive research aimed at finding a water and steam-resistant material, that is also durable, easy to clean, with highly hygienic properties, antibacterial, scratch resistant and particularly suitable for contact with food and moisture.





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BelNet 472 is a kitchen drawer organizer that vertically divides the space using different accessories that, due to their modularity, provide flexibility and an easy reorganization of space and kitchen accessories according to all the different needs. 

The organizing system of BelNet 472 adapts perfectly to any drawer’s size, without the use of any compensator for most of the drawers of 500mm depth available on the market. It also divides the drawer vertically, therefore it does not have any constraint in width, and can be used inside kitchen drawers of variable width from 450mm to 1800mm. 

BelNet adapts in size and style to any type of kitchen, from the most classic to the most modern, thanks to the finishes in Rope, White, Canaletto Walnut, and Spessart Oak and their different combinations.


BelNet Cuibus is a kitchen drawer organizer that consists of an aluminum grid and compact laminate, and divides the interior space horizontally.

Extremely practical and flexible, BelNet Cuibus can be coupled with most metal drawer sides of 500mm depth on the market in 600mm, 900mm and 1200mm wide modules and accommodate all BelNet 472 series accessories or other smaller accessories. Available in aluminum finishes in the colors Brushed Black, Lead and Brown Metal Grey, to be coupled with the colors Corda and Canaletto Walnut of the accessories, BelNet Cuibus proves to be the perfect organizer for kitchen drawers and kitchen accessories, as well as the optimal solution for the organization of space, with an unique and elegant look.


The BelNet Bachett series consists of a grid with solid wood strips in Honey Oak and Black Oak.
The strips are fixed to wooden bottoms with finishing Honey Oak and Black Oak or made with elegant solid colors such as Hemp and Matt Black. BelNet Bachett has been designed to be coupled to most of the metal sides of drawers with a depth of 500mm on the market, in modules with a width of 600mm, 750mm, 900mm and 1200mm.

Extremely practical and flexible, BelNet Bachett can be equipped with all the accessories of the BelNet 472 line.


Low Depth Back Section is an organization system for kitchen accessories designed to create a storage space on the kitchen top, which with its built-in equipped channel allows organization and accessibility to the kitchen accessories it contains. 

Made in different lengths, this equipped channel can be accessorized with all the elements of the BelNet 472 line with the addition of the electrified tray option, making it the ideal choice for organizing kitchen tops of all types and sizes.


Lay On Back Section, in its single and double version, respectively developed in height on one or two levels of containment, is a channel equipped to be placed on the top of the kitchen through a special Velcro that ensures perfect stability when fixed and gives the possibility to remove the riser whenever necessary. 

It is precisely this fastening feature, which avoids having to work on the kitchen top, that makes Lay On Back Section particularly flexible and easy to install even on an existing kitchen and, equipped with all the accessories of the BelNet 472 line, it is the practical and ideal choice to upgrade even a simple kitchen.


An evolution of the channel equipped with one containment level, the Lay-On Double Back Section is developed vertically on a double level, resting on the top of the kitchen without the need for machining, but only by means of a special Velcro that gives this equipped channel flexibility of use: the riser can in fact be removed whenever necessary. Available in three standard sizes and three standard colors, Lay-On Double Back Section is the perfect tool to accessorize the kitchen with BelNet 472 line and organize kitchen accessories in a funcional way on every worktop.


Development of the Lay-On Double Back Section in modules that can be placed side by side, which follow the standard modules of the kitchen and with elements that go all the way to the floor to create bookcases and multilevel support surfaces around the kitchen. Available in four sizes declined in two heights and three standard colors, the Multiple Modular Back Section it is the perfect tool to accessorize the kitchen with the BelNet 472 line and organize kitchen accessories in a functional way on each worktop and next to each kitchen.

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