Customizable Bookcases:
Discover Mixer Slim and Mixer Round

Unlock the potential of a tailor-made bookcase – the ultimate solution for organizing, dividing, and adorning your home's walls.

We persist in referring to them as bookcases, but truthfully, they have evolved into a melting pot of various treasures: books, knick-knacks, CDs, travel mementos, and much more.

In the modern era, these pieces of furniture have transcended their utilitarian role of mere containment, transforming into display units where we showcase items that reflect our personality. They are now shelves filled with books for avid readers, vinyl collections for nostalgic souls, and a curated collection of souvenirs for globetrotters. Today, the bookcase is not just functional, but a design element in itself – a perfectly tailored frame to house the various objects that make up our life story.

When transitioning from the conventional wall-mounted bookcases to the sculptural freestanding counterparts displayed at the heart of the room, it stems from a blend of available space and specific requirements. Why limit bookshelves to mere containment when they can also serve as creative space dividers? Consider separating the living room from the dining area, the entrance from the living space, or even creating a private study zone in the bedroom with double-sided or pass-through bookcases. These pieces can also be used to decorate a blank wall within the living area, allowing you to design a fluid and non-linear arrangement that infuses the room with distinctive character – bridging the gap between a shelf and a decorative element. 

Furnital’s new bookcases, Mixer Slim and Mixer Round, offer a diverse range of options to cater to your preferences. From suspended models to floor-to-ceiling fixed units, available in various finishes and styles, these bookcases introduce an innovative system with completely concealed hardware, adding a seamless touch to their design. The slender and elongated uprights of Mixer Slim and the rounded shapes of Mixer Round offer versatile mounting options.




furnital bookcase mixer round
Mixer Round


furnital mixer slim
Mixer Slim


Experience unrivaled flexibility with our customizable bracket system. Whether it’s shelves, drawer units, open modules, doors, or LED lights, each bracket can be effortlessly positioned where you desire. 

These bookcases epitomize elegance, sophistication, and versatility with their adjustable and customizable height. They are the perfect choice for those seeking a refined solution that seamlessly integrates into any space. In today’s homes, bookcases have evolved into a captivating design feature – a vital element for maximizing storage capacity along walls and making the most of every available centimeter to house those cherished objects that find no other suitable spot in the house. 

Embrace the freedom of choice with Furnital’s customizable bookcases: from the overall design to the exact placement of each shelf and door, whether in glass or wood, the decision is yours to make.