Declutter and organise:
your ultimate drawer makeover

Mastering wardrobe drawer organisation:
mastering wardrobe drawer organisation in four simple steps.

First and foremost, let’s debunk the misconception that occasional tidying sessions a few times a year are sufficient to maintain the order of our wardrobes and drawers. The reality is, a consistent dose of simple organisation on a daily or, at the very least, a weekly basis is essential. It doesn’t demand much effort, but it’s unreasonable to expect that we can toss all our clothes onto a chair and then complain about the resulting chaos.

Enough talk: let’s dive into our concise four-point guide on maintaining drawer organisation.


Begin by emptying the drawers

If you’ve found your way here, it’s likely that you’ve reached the point of unwavering determination, driven by an insatiable desire to finally organise your wardrobe comprehensively. The initial step necessitates a complete emptying of your wardrobe. Leave no corner untouched: clear out  shelves, drawers, and hangers.






Decluttering is not only beneficial for our wardrobe but also for our peace of mind. It entails removing what no longer serves a purpose. It’s a task that should ideally be tackled at least once a year because, let’s be honest, most of us have clothing items that do nothing but take up space. So, summon the courage to sort through your wardrobe decisively. Determine what to discard, what to retain, and even consider selling items you no longer need. Most importantly, make a promise to yourself to make more conscious clothing purchases in the future. Decluttering our wardrobe encourages us to reevaluate our priorities. To begin, ask yourself how many times you’ve worn a particular garment in the past year. If the answer is ‘never,’ it’s a clear signal that it’s time to bid farewell to that item and create some much-needed space in your closet.




Select customised drawers

As time goes by, our needs and preferences at home can evolve. The organisational solutions that once perfectly catered to our requirements may no longer suffice, especially when it comes to managing our wardrobe space. 

Over the years, an accumulation of new clothing and accessories can lead to an overstuffed wardrobe, leaving no room to spare. This is a common occurrence: what may have been a suitable wardrobe in the past, despite its limitations, may no longer serve us adequately in our present circumstances.

After the decluttering process, it becomes essential to allocate specific spaces within the wardrobe for each category. For instance, designate a high compartment for long dresses and coats, ensuring they can be hung without creasing. Reserve spaces for trousers, skirts, and shirts at a slightly lower level with suitable hangers. T-shirts and sweaters can find their place on shelves, while shirts fit neatly on hangers. Lastly, consider allocating drawers for underwear and compartments for accessories.

Don’t fret! If you wish to enhance your wardrobe’s interior by adding extra drawers, you can do so without the need for a complete wardrobe replacement.

For instance, the new Furnital aluminium drawers stand out because of their compatibility with the most popular guide systems on the market, including Blum, Grass, and Hettich.

These drawers come in three distinct heights to cater to your specific needs: the lower drawers are perfect for organising smaller items like underwear or jewellery, the medium-sized drawers are designed to accommodate bulkier accessories. The taller ones provide an excellent solution for neatly storing folded shirts.

We offer three height options for these drawers: 84mm, 140mm, and 172mm.

Regarding the finish, you have the freedom to choose the one that best complements your wardrobe for a cohesive look:

  • Wardrobe drawer with four aluminium sides (available in heights of 84mm, 140mm, and 172mm).
  • Wardrobe drawer with glass, wood, ceramic, or other 6mm thick material fronts, accompanied by three aluminium sides (available in heights of 140mm and 172mm).
  • Aluminium drawer-trays for wardrobes, which come with trouser hangers or laundry bag holders.

These dimensions represent our standard offerings. However, it’s worth noting that we also provide the flexibility to request completely customised drawers with different dimensions or opt for drawers with standard depth and customised width to suit your specific needs.




Mastering drawer organisation

Once you’ve sorted your space into broader categories, it’s time to delve into the finer details. The organisation of drawer space holds immense significance and can be efficiently managed with modular systems, which are true game-changers. These systems not only offer adaptable storage solutions that cater to individual needs but also evolve with changing requirements over time.

Here too, Furnital’s wardrobe organisation systems seamlessly align with the various standard drawer sizes available in the market.

Now, all that’s left to do is open your drawers and put our guide into practice. Happy organising!