Furnital’s Aluminum Drawer Options

Discover Furnital's aluminum drawers: elevating your kitchen or wardrobe.

Elegance meets functionality in our aluminum drawer collection, designed to enhance both your kitchen and wardrobe spaces. Delve into our comprehensive guide to Furnital’s aluminum drawers, complete with detailed specifications.

But before we explore the options of standard drawers, varying in height and finish, it’s important to note that our latest aluminum drawer offerings seamlessly integrate with the industry’s leading guide systems, including Blum, Grass, and Hettich. 

Let’s begin:


1. Aluminum Drawer: 4 Sides, Height 84mm

Experience the epitome of space-saving design with Furnital’s 84mm aluminum drawer. Crafted with a seamless all-aluminum construction, this drawer serves as a storage solution for small accessories, jewelry, or undergarments in the bedroom. Meanwhile, in kitchens, its compact height makes it ideal for organizing cutlery or textiles.

What’s more, to maintain impeccable organization throughout your home, whether in the kitchen or wardrobe, all drawers from Furnital’s aluminum collection can be easily customized with our internal modular dividers.


2. Aluminum Drawer: 4 Sides, Height 140mm

Crafted from aluminum and boasting a taller profile, our aluminum drawers measuring 140mm in height offer enhanced storage capabilities. Ideal for wardrobe organization, these drawers provide ample space to neatly arrange knitwear or folded garments. In the kitchen, they serve as storage solutions for small accessories or textiles. These drawers can be complemented with Furnital’s internal modular organizers like spice racks or jar holders for the kitchen or watch and glasses holders for the walk-in closet or wardrobe.


3. Aluminum Drawer: 4 Sides, Height 172mm

In our aluminum drawer collection, the 172mm height option offers unparalleled storage capacity. Designed to accommodate pots, plates, and small appliances, it’s the ultimate solution for kitchen organization. Likewise, in wardrobe settings, this drawer excels at housing bulkier knitwear and accessories.

Furnital provides internal dividers tailored to maximize functionality. From pot holders to plate holders, our accessories are designed to ensure that every item has its designated place, enabling effortless access without the need for rummaging.


4. Aluminum Drawer: 3 Sides, Height 140mm

For those seeking a unique twist on aluminum drawers, Furnital offers a solution that blends aluminum with a front panel crafted from glass, wood, ceramic, or other materials, provided they are 6mm thick.
Available at a height of 140mm, these drawers combine the allure of aluminum with customizable aesthetics, making them a perfect complement to wardrobe or kitchen cabinetry.
These drawers, tailored for both kitchen and wardrobe use, can still be equipped with internal modular dividers for optimal organization. Explore our range of drawer organizers designed specifically for kitchen and bedroom storage needs.


5. Aluminum Drawer: 3 Sides, Height 172mm

Our 172mm high aluminum drawers offer a unique customization feature. Clients have the flexibility to opt for three aluminum sides with a contrasting front panel crafted from a 6mm thick material of their choice, tailored to their specific needs.

Adding the finishing touch: while the aluminum drawers we have presented are available in standard sizes, Furnital goes the extra mile by providing customization options. Clients have the freedom to personalize not just the finish of the drawer front, but also its dimensions. Our bespoke aluminum drawers can be tailored to maintain standard depth while adjusting the width to suit individual needs, or they can be entirely custom-made, ensuring a perfect fit for any space.


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