How to equip a kitchen top

How to equip a kitchen top to have extra storage space and offer a modern take on the traditional dish drainer.

By incorporating a specialized unit into your kitchen, you can efficiently organize and optimize your workspace. This container-shaped unit can be installed on the wall or central island and contains a variety of functional elements, such as electrical outlets, lighting fixtures, storage shelves, and utensil hooks.

This solution proves to be especially beneficial for kitchens that require a more organized and efficient workspace. Additionally, the equipped unit eliminates the need for electric cables and accessories to be scattered across the kitchen, ultimately reducing the risk of domestic accidents.

Furnital’s kitchen unit features a wide range of accessories to choose from, such as bottle holders, electric sockets, knife and spice holders, to name a few. In addition to these standard options, the unit can be further enhanced with two new modules with a drainage system for water.

These innovative modules offer customized solutions to meet the diverse needs of customers. The first module seamlessly integrates the mixer into the equipped unit eliminating the need for a stand-alone mixer on the kitchen worktop. It also includes two accessories where glasses and plates can be placed after washing, creating a cohesive visual look on the kitchen top. On the flip side, the second module offers a spacious draining bowl without an integrated mixer, providing ample surface area for stacking freshly washed dishes and glasses.



Installing the equipped unit is a breeze, thanks to the drain pipe that directly connects to the sink drain. It can be installed on top of wall-mounted kitchens, peninsulas, or central islands. Moreover, the low-depth section with water drainage caters to diverse functional and spatial needs.

A perfect combination of functionality and aesthetics can be achieved with Furnital’s low depth back section module with water drainage. This module is designed to create additional storage space on the kitchen worktop, while also providing a built-in channel for water drainage. If you’re looking for a solution that checks both the practical and visual boxes, this is it.

With clean and minimalist lines, this solution is perfect for contemporary kitchens with a minimalist aesthetic. In addition to providing extra storage space, it offers a modern take on the traditional dish drainer. It allows you to easily store freshly washed dishes when using the dishwasher is not an option, ensuring a tidy and visually appealing kitchen both during meal preparation or social gatherings.



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