How to organise a kitchen top

Essential tips and must-have accessories for organizing your kitchen worktop.

Keeping the kitchen top clean and tidy can be even more challenging than organising space in kitchen cupboards or drawers. This is because, in addition to serving as a worktop, it also acts as a storage area for frequently used utensils and ingredients in meal preparation, as well as other miscellaneous items that don’t have a designated place in wall cabinets. Here How to organise a kitchen top.

Imagine having a kitchen that is consistently neat, clean, and clutter-free.

This goes beyond mere tidiness as it also enhances functionality, visual appeal, and aesthetics. A well-organised and tidy worktop can save a significant amount of time when cleaning up the kitchen.

Achieving a consistently tidy and organised kitchen worktop requires more than just decluttering, commitment, and determination. Fortunately, there are some specialised kitchen accessories available on the market that are essential for an effective worktop organisation.

There is always a temptation to clutter up the kitchen worktop, either out of habit or necessity. However, by utilising these specialised kitchen accessories, reorganising and tidying up your worktop becomes a much easier task, with longer-lasting results.


  • The Lay On Back Section

If arranging kitchen utensils on the worktop intelligently doesn’t result in long-lasting organisation, there’s no need to worry. Maintaining a consistently tidy worktop without a kitchen organiser can be a challenging task. However, the Lay On Back Section is a specialised kitchen top organiser designed to solve this problem. It securely adheres to the worktop with a special Velcro system, ensuring stability, and can be easily removed when necessary.

The Lay On Back Section is compatible with existing kitchens and can be equipped with a variety of accessories. This ensures that all utensils, spices, and containers that have no permanent place on the worktop finally have a designated home. Above all, they will always be neatly arranged and within easy reach.



  • The Lay On Double Back Section

If you need more storage space than a single level can provide, the Lay-On Double Back Section is the ideal solution. This kitchen countertop organiser is developed with two storage levels, vertically arranged to maximise kitchen worktop space. Like its counterpart, it is anchored to the worktop with a special Velcro system and comes with a range of accessories, including spice racks and knife holders. By utilising two shelves at different heights, you can increase storage space and categorise accessories according to the frequency of use and personal kitchen habits. This ensures that everything needed for meal preparation is neatly arranged and easily accessible.



  • The Multiple Modular Back Section

If you have a large number of accessories or small appliances that need to be organised and kept tidy, there is an option to create shelves and countertops using modular storage levels that extend from the kitchen worktop to the floor. The Multiple Modular Back Section is a kitchen counter shelf that is available in modules of varying widths and heights, allowing for multiple storage spaces to be created. This enables you to organise your kitchen worktops while maximising the space adjacent to them. These modular storage levels are perfect for storing spices, condiments, utensils, containers, and kitchen books. They provide a practical and efficient way to keep your kitchen organised and free of clutter.



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