How to organize your kitchen accessories

Organizing your kitchen in such a way that it is always tidy and functional during the preparation of meals may seem difficult or even utopian, but the truth is that all you need to do is follow some simple but basic rules, which in their simplicity upset the traditional distribution and organization of kitchen space. This is a guide that will make you achieve a specific goal: a perfectly organized kitchen where all utensils and accessories are always tidy and ready to use:
1. Organizing drawers with vertical dividers
Why use the space of kitchen drawers only on their base? Nothing could be more wrong: using kitchen drawer organizers that divide the space vertically allows you to make the most of the height and depth of the space available. Although you may instinctively think that organizers can only take up space, to optimize storage space you need to divide it. Thanks to the modularity of these vertical dividers, each drawer can be organized according to different needs and encumbrances, creating tall, narrow compartments where different kitchen utensils can be stored. This way, pots and bulky objects such as pans or serving dishes can be stacked without the risk of them moving or falling, they will take up less space and can be taken out more easily.
2. Organize drawers with horizontal dividers
If every time you open a drawer you cannot find what you need at a glance, the reason is lack of organization: cutlery and accessories are in fact the number one cause of clutter in the kitchen. The solution is to adopt kitchen drawer organizers that, with their modules and grids, horizontally divide the space by adapting to the different depths on the market and make everything visible at once – from cutlery to various kitchen accessories -: this will prevent you from going rummaging around inside the drawers bringing clutter and confusion inside them.
3. Reduce distances
Cooking does not have to be stressful, it should be enjoyable: reducing distances by bringing all the most frequently used accessories closer together can help. By using an equipped channel on the kitchen top, you will be able to keep all those kitchen utensils that are most used during meal preparation within easy reach but still keep them organized and tidy. On one or two levels of storage, spices, jars with herbs and condiments can be in this way closer to the work area: ready for use without having to open and thus unnecessarily dirty doors and drawers.
4. Don’t make everything visible
One secret to keeping the kitchen tidy at all times is certainly organization, but also making sure that when meal preparations are done, you can hide all those essential kitchen accessories. In fact, there are organizational systems that create a storage space on the kitchen top where you can store in special channels equipped with recessed, all those accessories and spices most used during the preparations. In this way, everything that will be stored inside the recessed channel will be able to be at hand, but once the preparations are finished, they can be hidden inside the channel keeping the kitchen top always tidy and clean.