How to organize your wardrobe

How can we organize a closet in such a way that it is both functional and practical but also pleasing to the eye? Organization, order and beauty, in addition to giving us a feeling of well-being, will help us waste less time in the morning when, impaled in front of the closet doors, we never know what to wear. A guide to the few but basic steps for an organized wardrobe in its entirety:
1. Organizing space at different heights
Why organize the available space inside the wardrobe always in the same way if each garment has different encumbrances and therefore requires different spaces? Wardrobes are organized horizontally – only using shelves – are very common: but nothing could be more wrong. The first rule is the organization of space at different heights: so say yes to shelves where you can arrange t-shirts and sweaters, but also to tubes to hang jackets and pants that require little height space and to full-height spaces where you could potentially hang long dresses or maxi coats. This way we will avoid wobbly rows of garments all arranged equally on the shelves, but will also avoid different garments touching the floor otherwise they will easily crease and unravel.
2. Use boxes and containers
As soon as we open the doors of our wardrobe, do we have the feeling that everything is wobbly or about to fall on us? Or do we merely have a feeling of clutter? In both cases, the answer is lack of organization. Why don’t we store what we don’t want to see, what we use less or what requires more order in different containers? So let’s store accessories such as scarves, bikinis and belts in special containers, so as to prevent them from slipping off the shelves when in a hurry we go to rummage through them making a mess all around our rooms: this way everything that is easily unfolded or unrolled will be put – and above all kept – in order so much so that we gain both in terms of practicality and aesthetics.
3. Each item has its own hanger
If we store each garment in its appropriate space within the wardrobe according to its length and bulk, why not use special hangers? Although commonly only one type of hanger is used, there are ad hoc hangers for hanging jackets and others specifically for pants. The diversification of these items will not only help in practical terms, but will give the wardrobe a feeling of well-being and organization at a glance as soon as you open the doors!
4. Organizing drawers
Modular drawer organization systems and wardrobe drawer inserts are a lifesaver for those who usually rummage through their drawers looking for the latest purchased accessory, but not only that. These are wardrobe accessories and organization systems that are perfectly adaptable to the different standard sizes of drawers on the market and to everyone’s needs thanks to their modularity, which allows you to move and reorganize each module within the drawer according to your tastes. This way, using a watch tray, rings, watches, necklaces and any other accessory that requires special care will always be organized, will not be knotted together and will not risk being scratched or ruined due to contact with other items.
5. Enjoy the tidiness
There are those who feel at peace with themselves and the world after arranging their wardrobe and those who lie. In order not to undo all the efforts made until now, try to maintain a situation of control over the arrangement of folded T-shirts and sweaters on the shelves. However, you will see how much the organization of wardrobe accessories according to the length of the garments, in different containers and boxes and on the appropriate hangers, will make you enjoy the benefits of a tidy wardrobe.