Elevate your kitchen with new accessories

From appliances and decor to storage solutions, we present a curated selection of accessories to breathe new life into your kitchen.

From appliances and decor to storage solutions, we present a curated selection of accessories to breathe new life into your kitchen.

Whether you’re a culinary enthusiast or someone who simply enjoys a well-designed space, the kitchen undeniably serves as the heart of the home. During the planning stages, it’s the area where we tend to invest both our time and budget.

While a complete kitchen renovation can be quite an undertaking, there’s no shortage of options to infuse a modern touch into your space with the help of these innovative accessories.


Household Appliances

When it comes to kitchen functionality, household appliances take centre stage. Ranging from large to small, these appliances offer numerous possibilities to transform your kitchen into a more digital and technologically advanced space. While built-in refrigerators and dishwashers provide a seamless look, it’s also the oven columns and hoods that can significantly impact the kitchen’s look, adding that extra touch of style.



Mixers have undergone a remarkable transformation over the years, embracing a sleek and minimalist design philosophy, whether characterised by rounded or square contours. Swapping out an outdated mixer for a contemporary model can breathe fresh life into your kitchen. With a range of finishes including chrome, matte, and an array of vibrant colours, you’ll find yourself spoiled for choice.



Backsplashes have seen a remarkable evolution, transcending the era of plain white or cream square tiles into an endless realm of possibilities. From resin to colourful zellige and even large-format tiles, the options are limitless. Spanning the entire length of the kitchen, the backsplash plays a pivotal role in the overall aesthetic. Therefore, refreshing this element can deliver a significant and transformative touch to the space’s visual appeal.



Undoubtedly, one of the most heavily utilised new kitchen accessories, the countertop endures the rigours of daily use and shifting design trends. Fortunately, you have a wealth of choices at your disposal, encompassing various finishes and thicknesses. Choosing a countertop with an exceptional thickness, whether oversized or minimalist, can help you avoid mundane designs. Meanwhile, the material you choose opens up a world of possibilities, from striking eye-catching options to the sleek and minimalist.



The classic knobs on kitchen cabinets are unforgettable. While they have made a resurgence in modern kitchen designs, handles play a crucial role in shaping the kitchen’s overall aesthetics. Consider this: pairing a sleek, elongated, and squared handle with a traditional cabinet door can create a striking and unexpected contrast, instantly modernising even the most dated of kitchens.



While it might appear to be a simple element, among new kitchen accessories shelves have the power to truly elevate your kitchen. In a traditional kitchen, a contemporary twist can be achieved with modern steel shelves, such as those offered by Furnital. Available in a wide range of sizes, with standard depth options or customizable widths, these shelves can be further enhanced with front and back LED lighting for an additional lighting element that adds sophistication to your kitchen. The icing on the cake: transform your shelves into wine and glass holders that can create a charming home bar corner.



Believe it or not, drawers can be key players in maximising your kitchen’s functionality. With three different height options (84mm, 140mm, and 172mm), there’s a size to suit every need. The smaller ones are perfect for organising cutlery, the medium-sized ones for versatile storage, and the taller ones for accommodating larger items like pots and bottles. For instance, Furnital’s steel drawers offer a versatile range, allowing you to customise them with plate holders and a selection of modular dividers. They come in both standard depth and customised width, catering to your unique kitchen setup. Furnital drawers can be coordinated with the finish of your kitchen cabinet doors or countertops. Options include four sides in aluminium (available for heights of 84mm, 140mm, and 172mm) or a front panel made of glass, wood, ceramic, or other 6mm thick materials, paired with three aluminium sides (available for heights of 140mm and 172mm).