Open closets and glass closets

Open closets or fully transparent wardrobes with an aluminum frame and glass doors are becoming increasingly popular due to their desirable features.

Don’t we all secretly dream of a walk-in closet? However, when it comes to small spaces, it’s crucial to consider practicality. If you have less than 6-8 square meters available in your bedroom, it’s best to opt for a simple wardrobe.

One may fear falling into the trap of banality and not being able to add a personal touch to their bedroom. Nonetheless, there are solutions available, such as open closets or glass wardrobes.

Over the years, we have witnessed a shift in the perception of wardrobes. They are no longer viewed solely for their functionality as mere clothes containers. Instead, they are now seen as a showcase for displaying items that reflect our personalities.

As a result of this evolution, traditional wardrobes with opaque doors are being replaced by open closets or transparent wardrobes with glass doors. These pieces of furniture are becoming more prominent in bedroom designs, often positioned as freestanding elements in the center of the room rather than against a back wall.

The wardrobe now takes on the role of a central point in the room, no longer merely storing and concealing items, but instead showcasing and highlighting everything it contains.

Furnital provides open closets with an aluminum structure (made of aluminum profiles) and transparent wardrobes with glass doors, which are perfect as a centerpiece. The latter option can either be completely transparent, with glass back, side, and door panels, or it can feature a wooden back panel for an elegant touch, which can be attached to a wall.

To truly make the glass wardrobe a showcase for our clothes, proper lighting is essential. Furnital’s wardrobes have LED profiles hidden between the aluminum frames as support lights, which turn on and off automatically as the doors are opened and closed.

The LED profiles and transparent glass doors illuminate the interiors of the wardrobe, making them brighter and more spacious. By removing opaque panels and using pass-through modules, the storage space is further optimized.

Furnital’s glass and aluminum structure wardrobes can be enhanced with the BelApost line of wardrobe accessories, including shelves, aluminum drawers, and a variety of accessories and clothes hanger tubes.

The outcome is a glass wardrobe or an open closet that features aluminum profiles arranged both horizontally and vertically. It is internally illuminated and fully equipped with all the necessary components. As a design piece, it stands out and becomes the center of attention in any bedroom, bringing elegance and personality to the space.


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