The benefits of a sliding door wardrobe

The Furnital sliding door system allows you to open and close wardrobes smoothly and quietly: it has been designed for the wardrobe of our dreams, in every size.

How many times, when opening a wardrobe with sliding doors, placed in the bedroom or living area, have we noticed an awkward sliding movement of the door? Sometimes the door gets stuck halfway through the opening and more often than not, it drags the adjacent door behind it with the consequent opening of the other section of the wardrobe.

Shall we talk about the noise that a sliding door makes at the end of its closing movement?

All these minor inconveniences make the use of sliding door wardrobes rather annoying, so much so that customers generally lean towards the choice of wardrobes with hinged doors.

One of the cons of sliding door wardrobes is the wear and tear on the sliding systems: the constant strain on the mechanisms can lead to the need to fix the hinges and the closing and opening mechanisms too often.

However, wardrobes with sliding doors also have considerable advantages, the first aspect to consider is that they are space-saving: as they do not take up space when opening and closing the doors, unlike wardrobes with hinged doors, they are the ideal piece of furniture to fit into small bedrooms or narrow corridors



The aesthetic factor plays a key role too: they are more aesthetic than traditional wardrobes because they generally do not feature handles, plus, they are chosen for minimal and timeless interiors. 

Choosing wardrobes with sliding doors is not always a bad idea, quite the opposite. If you have limited space or simply prefer a more minimalist design, sliding doors are the optimal option for you. 

It may seem obvious, but choosing high quality sliding systems will ensure a long life for your closet, avoiding all those minor inconveniences that are natural consequences of poor quality products and mechanisms. 

In other words, say ‘yes’ to sliding door wardrobes, but watch out for quality.

Furnital offers a wide range of aluminium profiles for sliding systems for coplanar or offset doors wardrobes. All feature high quality and 100% Made in Italy finishes.

Compared to most sliding systems on the market, Furnital offers the possibility of cutting profiles on site to any width and size: a service that makes the product even more practical and versatile, providing considerable freedom of customization and flexibility in the design and production of different pieces of furniture.

But that’s not all. Thanks to the soft closing and opening device, the sliding door system features a decelerated and silent movement when closing and opening the doors: Furnital says ‘no’ to noisy sliding door systems that get stuck easily. 

Available for wardrobes with two, three or more doors that are at least 33 mm high from the floor and from 25 mm to 50 mm thick, the sliding system can be used for wardrobes with both wooden and aluminium doors, with a maximum weight of 85 kg.

Are you still unsure about choosing a wardrobe with sliding doors?